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Top Features To Look For In A Cannabis Trimming Machine For Your Small Grow Op

With the legalization of marijuana in several states, many new agriculturalist are jumping into the business and starting their own growing operations to feed the demand for cannabis. If you are one of these newcomers to the industry, you will find that harvest times brings about a particular challenge: the tedious task of trimming your bud.

Most small grow ops employ hand trimmers to cut away the leaves from the bud, but if you have much of a harvest, this one task can take up a ton of your time needed to get your product ready for market. The solution comes in the form of cannabis trimming machines. Here are a few top features to look for in a cannabis trimming machine for your small grow operation.  

The machine has the ability to trim wet or dry bud. 

When you are producing marijuana product for a distributor, you may not always have the luxury of allowing complete drying before the trimming process begins. Not only that, but some distributors actually prefer wet cannabis over dy for use in specific products like edibles and concentrates. Because of this, make sure you look for a trimmer that can handle the bud whether it is in wet or dry form. 

The machine features a soft tumbling design. 

The flowers inside of the bud of a marijuana plant are ever-so delicate, especially with certain strains that have paper-thin flower buds. Maintaining the quality of these buds is all about handling it with gentle hands. There are some machines that offer a superior soft tumbling design that will not put undue stress on the bid during the trimming process. These machines can be a little more costly, but they work to give you consistent protection of the more delicate buds you are working with in your grow op. 

The machine is lightweight enough to be portable. 

Trimming needs to happen close to the bud to prevent having to transport the bud to the cannabis trimming machine. So having a machine that is lightweight, easy to tear down, and simple to maneuver will give you the opportunity to take the machine wherever it is needed without a hassle. Some of the high-end models are nice, but may are pretty stationary simply because they are so heavy. So if you find a version that is lightweight and even a little smaller, it can be a more logical choice.