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The Advantages Of Using Automatic Feeders For Your Cattle

In a cattle operation, feed is always going to be a big topic of discussion. The way in which your cattle are fed is something that may not have changed for a lot of years. However, investing in large animal automatic feeders for your farm could make a drastic change in your overall operation. There are a handful of ways that these feeders could change your farm operation for the better as a cattle farmer. 

Reduce problems with feed loss due to overfeeding. 

Cattle feed could easily be one of your biggest expenses whether you run a dairy operation or grow cattle for beef. Any unnecessary waste can add up, even if it is just a small amount of feed you are losing every day due to basic human error. Automatic feeders are far less likely to cause you to lose feed. The food will not come in contact with the weather, it won't be spilled on the way to the feeder, and it will not be improperly rotated or cause spoilage. 

Ensure every group in the herd is getting the proper amount of feed every day. 

If you have your herd separated, it can be hard to make sure each group is getting the same amount of feed on a regular basis without weighing and measuring feed. In the end, when you sell your cattle, those that spent time in one lot may have less heft than those in a lot where they were inadvertently getting more food every day. With automatic feeders, you can configure the feeder to distribute a certain amount of food and it will do so consistently. Therefore, you won't face discrepancies between the weight or health of cattle from different areas of your operation. 

Spend less time distributing feed to your cattle by hand. 

Feeding the cattle may be one of the less-labor intensive tasks that you have to do on your farm every day, but it is still a task that can take up a lot of time. If you feed more than once a day, it can really take a lot of time out of your workday just to make sure all of your herd are properly fed. When you invest in and implement large animal automatic feeders, the only thing you will be tasked with is filling the feed reservoirs as needed, which is only going to take a few minutes of your time.