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Benefits Of Providing An Enriching Experience For Pigs

Pigs are intelligent animals and providing them with an enriching environment benefits your pigs in many ways. Whether you are involved in pork production and breeding or simply have a pet pig at home that you want to keep entertained, environmental enrichment toys and other objects can keep both you and your pigs happy. Here is more about creating an enriching environment and the types of toys that keep your pigs engaged and behaving well.

Reasons Why Pigs Need Enrichment Toys

Because they are intelligent and social animals, pigs get bored if their environment doesn't have anything to hold their attention. Even though pigs have been domesticated for a long time, they still retain an intrinsic need for foraging and socializing. When they are bored, they are more likely to be stressed out and destructive.

Problems That Bored Pigs Cause

When pigs are bored, they often take out this boredom by biting at other pig's tails or genital areas. If other pigs aren't around, then they will chew up parts of their pens or any objects inside of it. If your pig is a pet and is only around humans, then he or she may confuse you for another pig and become aggressive and bite often.

Ways to Enrich Their Environment

Regardless of if you have a pet pig or are raising several pigs for meat, you should provide them with activities that encourage natural behaviors. For example, you can give them straw or similar objects for rooting around. Older pigs benefit from toys and objects that they can chomp down and chew on. You can also provide food inside toys to encourage use. Change up these toys often so that the pigs won't quickly lose interest in them.

Benefits to Enriching Your Pigs' Environment

Pigs with adequate enrichment toys and objects are less likely to have problem behaviors and be calm during handling. Pigs who are calm and less stressed are also more likely to gain the proper amount of weight. Sows are more likely to be calmer, less overheated, and produce milk more easily when enrichment activities are available and easily accessible. Enrichment especially helps growing piglets.

Whether you keep pigs as pets or you are raising them in an agricultural environment, pigs need enrichment to be at their best. In addition to making their living quarters comfortable, adding enrichment toys can help keep them occupied and calm. Specially-made toys for pigs are also safe and specifically designed for them. If you need enrichment toys that are both useful and interesting, then contact a pig environmental enrichment toy supplier like American Resources LLC for information on the available varieties.