Creating A More Fruitful Garden

Choose A Horse Fence That's Safe For Your Animals While Making Your Property More Attractive

If you bought land in the country so your family could enjoy having horses, then you'll need to prepare the land and the surrounding area properly with horse fencing. Safety for your horse is the most important consideration for a horse fence, but you'll also want to think about how the fence will affect the appearance of your property.

An attractive fence is a nice addition to the picturesque scene of horses grazing in a country setting. Here are some considerations for buying a horse fence for safety as well as good looks.

Consider Fence Strength

Since horses can get occasionally spooked and run toward a fence, you want fencing that is strong and clearly visible to them so they don't bust or kick through it. A strong fence is also necessary so your horses don't damage it by leaning over to reach grass on the other side.

When a fence is damaged, it can be a hazard to your horses because of wood splinters and loose nails. Wood is a traditional strong material for a fence, but it requires a lot of upkeep. Vinyl is sometimes chosen for horse fencing, but it can be expensive to install. Wire fencing is strong and affordable, but difficult to see, so it might be a good idea to top it with a wood rail.

Think About Horse Injuries

When thinking about the type of fence you want, think of all the ways your horses could be injured by it. You want a fence that's high enough your horses can't jump over it, and you want the openings large enough legs won't get trapped, or small enough so their legs can't get in the openings. Work with a fence contractor who has experience with horses so you can rely on them to give you good advice on the right way to build a safe horse fence.

Compare Fencing For Maintenance And Beauty

You might live in the country now, but you probably don't want to spend a lot of time mending and painting fences. While wood fencing is attractive, it needs to be maintained regularly because wood naturally decays. When the wood gets weak, your horses won't be safe in the field because the fence might fail. Plus, a fence that's deteriorated or that has peeling paint is not only a safety hazard, it's an eyesore.

A wire fence with wood posts and a wood top rail requires less maintenance. Since most of the fence is wire, it won't need as much care as a fence made entirely of wood. However, the wood parts give the fence an attractive appearance. A white vinyl fence needs even less care. An advantage of vinyl is that it never needs to be painted, so it always looks attractive. Contact a company that supplies horse fencing for more information.