Creating A More Fruitful Garden

Use Vintage Egg Cartons To Display Your Wares

If selling agricultural products is something you plan on doing this fall, use vintage egg cartons to display various products. Classic paper pulp cartons that contain a bifold design will provide your customers with a handy way to transport their purchases.

Many Vintage Cartons Are Recyclable

Plastic bags tend to be flimsy. Plastic is a product that won't promote the agricultural vibe that you may be after, due to the material not being able to be recycled. Vintage egg cartons that contain a classic design are constructed of pulp products that may or may not contain printing.

The cartons can be recycled or repurposed. If some of the goods that you will be selling include chicken eggs, cartons can be used to separate and store the eggs that you will be selling. A portable refrigerator unit or a cooler can be used to store the cartons that you fill up, prior to taking your wares to a public flea market or tent sale.

Cartons Can Be Used To Display Small Items

Seeds, flowering plants, and sachets are some small items that can neatly be displayed inside vintage egg cartons. Upon purchasing a series of classic cartons, decide how you would like to set up the wares.

If you are going to sell vegetable or fruit seeds, use small burlap bags to create decorative holders for each series of seeds. Secure ribbon around the top of each bag. Prop the bags up inside of the cartons. One bag will neatly fit inside of each egg holder that comprises a carton. Make homemade signs that can be displayed in front of each carton that is being used as a display piece.

If you would like to grow some plant varieties, use egg cartons as mini plant holders. Each slot within a carton can be used as a mini pot. Poke small holes along the underside of each vintage carton. Add soil and seeds to each egg holder. After watering the seeds, excess water will drain from the bottom of each carton. If customers would like to purchase some of the plants, supply them with a vintage carton that contains the varieties they requested or use a utility knife to separate egg holders from each carton.

Scented sachets make nice gifts and can be used to freshen up a drawer or a closet. Collect plant clippings from your land. Things like evergreen needles will work well for a sachet project. Fill a small cloth bag with the clippings. Set up the bags within the egg cartons.