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Starting A Horse Rescue Project? 3 Reasons To Consider Purchasing Automatic Horse Waterers

Horses, just like humans, sometimes find themselves in abusive or neglectful situations. Fortunately, many horses are able to get the help they need through organizations designed to facilitate their rescue from abusive or neglectful situations and transport them to a safe place where the animal can rest and recover from their experience.

These horse rescue facilities typically offer veterinary and nutritional support, along with some type of training or therapy to help the animal regain its health or even become rehabilitated to the point where it can be adopted into a caring home. If you are interested in starting this type of equine rescue project in your area, here are some important reasons to consider the inclusion of automatic horse waterers when constructing your facility. 

Provides a healthy water source

While healthy horses may be able to drink safely from conventional water sources, like watering tanks, ponds, or streams, rescued animals often benefit from a more controlled watering option, like an automatic horse waterer. Standing water in tanks or ponds and slow-moving water in streams often contains bacteria, parasites, or insect larva that may worsen existing health issues in rescued horses or expose them to diseases or infectious parasites. Automatic horse waterers provide a healthy alternative for rescue facilities because water is delivered on demand, making it less likely to contain harmful bacteria, insect larva, or parasites. 

Reduction in ongoing costs

Since horse rescue facilities often operate on a restrictive budget derived mostly from charitable contributions, it can be very difficult to cover the daily costs of running the operation. By opting to install automatic horse watering systems throughout the facility, the amount of labor needed each day to clean and refill water tanks can be reduced by a significant amount. 

Functions in all seasons

Automatic horse watering systems also benefit rescue facilities because they are designed to function in all seasons. In winter, the frost-free design elements of the automatic waterer allow the water to drain completely below frost level after the horse has finished drinking so that no freezing or icing can occur. In summer, when horses typically need more water to stay hydrated, the cool, fresh water delivered by an automatic horse waterer can help to encourage fragile rescue animals to drink more frequently.

Rescue operators who would like to learn more should take the time to contact a reputable agricultural equipment and supply dealer in their area that specializes in selling and installing automatic horse waterers. 

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