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Tagging And Weighing Your Cattle

Tagging and weighing your cattle will keep track of the growth of your livestock and encourage you to stay aware of each animal's personal statistics. These processes could also be beneficial if you decide to sell some of your animals at an auction.

A Chute For Livestock

A chute is an enclosure where small and large animals can be confined in. Metal sides, tops, and a bottom will comprise a basic chute. A chute supplies enough room for an animal to poke its head out of. This opening will allow a cow to breathe normally and will not make them feel as if they are confined. A chute is designed to gently squeeze an animal's body.

As a cow is standing within the enclosure, the metal sides of the enclosure can be adjusted to push inward. A chute can be used while you are tagging or weighing cattle. If you purchase a flat platform scale, you may be able to slide it up under a chute. This will allow you to use a chute for both the tagging and weighing processes.

The Tagging Process For Animals

Young and older cattle are often tagged by their owners. Tagging can be used to identify the name of an animal, its exact breed, its weight, and any health ailments that an animal may have. Tagging usually involves piercing a fleshy part of one of the ears of an animal.

Tagging is similar to piercing an ear of a human. The only difference is that the piercing gun that is used for cattle is larger than the one that is used for people. The tagging process should involve securing each animal and using precise movements to create a hole in one ear of an animal that is going to be tagged, while an animal is confined

The Weighing Process For Animals

Weighing cattle is an important job of a livestock owner. A cattle owner can determine if their livestock is matching a normal weight amount for animals that an animal of comparable size would portray. In addition, if an owner decides to sell some of the animals from their livestock collection, they will need to advertise clear and concise details about each animal.

This is especially vital during an auction. An auctioneer will relay the information that a seller has provided them with. Cattle can be weighed with the use of a flat panel scale or a fully-enclosed scale, which is separate from a livestock chute.

For more information about ways to tag and weigh cattle, contact a cattle equipment supplier in your area.