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Preparing For A Propane Gas Delivery

If you just moved into a new home and propane is the heating source you intend on using, you are likely in the process of locating a service to deliver this much-needed commodity to you. Before you get started with the usage of propane in your home, there are a few steps to take to ensure your deliveries are handled without difficulty. 

Contact The Business Before The Delivery If Possible

If you are not set up for automatic propane delivery, you need to know when a truck is to arrive so you are not without fuel when it is needed. Give the propane service you intend on using a call to schedule a delivery. In the days before their scheduled date, contact them again to follow up. This way if the delivery needs to be changed, you are ready to make changes to your property and have payment available if needed.

Remove Obstructions From The Pathway

A propane truck requires space to get to your tank. If you have personal belongings in this pathway, the worker sent to your home will have difficulty maneuvering their vehicle to the necessary area. They may also struggle to use the hose portion attached to their truck so that propane is emitted from the vehicle to your tank. Remove all items from the pathway to the area where your propane tank is located. 

Alert The Drive About Any Potential Hazards

Before the driver brings their vehicle toward your propane tank, it is wise to give them a heads-up about any potential risks to their vehicle or their own safety. This includes the positioning of electrical lines, septic systems, and water wells. If there are spots where the ground is uneven or if water has accumulated, let the driver know this information. They may decide to reroute the way they bring their truck toward your tank.

Keep On Top Of Family Whereabouts

It is best to have pets and small children safe inside of your home when a propane delivery is expected. Before the delivery time arrives, rally up any family members that you need to monitor so they do not get in the way of the delivery truck or the driver as work is conducted. Do not allow small children or pets to run loose on your property until the propane delivery truck driver has finished all business.

Contact a local propane delivery service to learn more.